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      "We've gotta laugh. We swapped immortality for accessories."
      -- meg tilley anderson

Monday, April 27, 2009

Pasta Mouse. A Seasoned Recipe.

In the Fall, stash bags of brilliantly dyed pasta tubes in a jewelry display case for safe keeping until you have time to buy more storage bowls.

In Winter, stash storage bowls in the jewelry case until you have time to decant the brilliantly dyed pasta tubes.  After all, they are safe.  You latched the door.

In Spring, take the "locked" jewelry case outside in the sunshine to remove shredded plastic bags, brilliantly dyed mixed pasta tubes, colorful mouse droppings and one startled mouse.

Wonder why a mouse went to the trouble to squeeze through a space thinner than a #2 pencil to eat pasta soaked in rubbing alcohol and food coloring. Perhaps it started out as a smaller mouse; but that would mean it grew up on a diet of brilliantly dyed pasta tubes and no water!

Stir through the pasta remains to retrieve the jewels.

Debate whether you need to set aside the remains in case there is another loose fire opal like the one found on the ground. 

Chuckle because the mouse nibbled only on the yellow or orange fimo pins.

Set a mouse trap inside the door where the startled mouse ran back in to the building after it jumped from inside your handful of sacks and pasta tubes. 

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Perhaps my red bag came with a key-jinn.
This time I found myself with a cart full of cat food (and kitty litter 'cuz they go together) in the parking lot at Sams at 8:25 Friday night- missing my inelegant purse jewel I'd snapped to the strap ring- my CAR KEYS!  
Not by the check-out, or lost n found, or in the cart or in the red bag in the bright lights.
So, before tracing my entire shopping route in the next five minutes 'til closing, I went back over my steps to the car, looked around in case I'd dropped them before I went in.
Found them IN THE DOOR LOCK!
Bond said Keykopelli did it.