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      "We've gotta laugh. We swapped immortality for accessories."
      -- meg tilley anderson

Saturday, July 18, 2009

What We Do For Friends

I spotted some beef in the milk room freezer as I stuffed in all I could salvage from the new fridge fiasco last week.

Bond couldn't find it this week so I got thorough pulling out most of the shelled pecans etc.

We didn't need the paint roller in there; don't paint resonators at home anymore. Out with it!

We really should give up on this home grown goat flank.

What's this in the ziplock? A MOUSE TRAP!? and mouse......

Roy Cannington died last year so I guess he's never coming to pick this up to feed his pet rattlesnake. I wonder how many of his other friends still have fresh caught mice in their freezers. Now THAT's a memorial!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Unintentional Dinner Invitation

turn on patio light/raccoon signal

cat bowl is full, now

Friday, July 3, 2009

I've Been Puttin' out so Many Fires My Back Burner is About to Explode!

Hidden in some application questionnaire is my secret power, "chaosification".

I didn't choose the power, it was a gift.

Maybe it came in my genes since my whole family has the gift. We just go about minding our own business and "whump! There's Chaos, usually because somebody else jumps to the wrong conclusion.

It used to bother me before I found out that chaos brings growth. It's a scientific fact.

Chaos is a GOOD thing.

Sometimes I can outwit Chaos by planning ahead, sort of control the growth. That way I spend less time 'puttin' out fires'. I'm also attuned to when people start little fires just to distract me. They're easy to take care of, or ignore. So I have time for the real ones.

My secret power is also why I can make wood and paint look just like polished rocks. But that's another story.

Fire #1.

So, last Saturday I was happily painting color washes on the shell of a Sound Play Animal Drum turtle, when our house renter phoned to say both toilets were backing up. I contacted Crimes Septic and Landscaping and met them within the hour. We had to break the line to snake it to find the septic tank to pump it out. We were lucky that both Bobby Pritchard and his family's back hoe could come to the rescue to dig for the tank. (And for a consultation as Bobby knows the right way to do any hands-on thing.) Supposedly the system had been replaced just before we bought the house in 1981. But it was an old fifty gallon tank! And no drain field!!!

We hired Crimes S&L to put in an new system on Monday. And then found out we needed the County Health Environmentalist to design (on Tuesday) and inspect it, even though it was technically a repair. Thursday we learned it won't be finished before next Tuesday when the inspector makes his next Terrell County rounds.

Meanwhile, as long as the Crimes S&L's back hoe was here to clear off bamboo and shrubs over the new system, why not keep clearing until they hit the fence? It took the bamboo about fifty years to reach the pecan orchard Grandmama Tilley planted before 1920. It took it twenty five years to take over the acre after we bought it in 1981. We couldn't get Mr. Dalton Davis to mow it anymore because he didn't want his tractor tire punctured by bamboo. The walk behind mower we used to tip up and come down on the stuff got set too low by the teenager who mowed for us and not even our professional mechanic friends could raise it. And then we always wished we had time to cut it and actually use the resource.

I never expected what a joy it is to see all the pecan trees all the way to the back fence! Now that tractor tires are punctureless we should be able to keep it clear- mowing and blasting all the stray bamboo with RoundUp.

Fire #2 is threat from City/County Fourth of July fireworks in the new Recreation Fields next door to our family's farm. People come from surrounding counties. No alcoholic beverages will be allowed inside the Rec Fields. Therefore, stray spectators will make a tailgate party along the surrounding roads....where the three feet tall dry grass fills the ditch and the mowed right of way is an inch thick in dry cut stalks. And our newly planted long leaf pines are along the road, and our renter planted soybeans into the standing wheat stalks. Get the picture? Add sparklers, pop bottle rockets and roman candles and you have a script for real disaster movie.

Even heat from a muffler can set off wheat straw.

I gave our County Commissioners a warning letter. Our farm renter got the Fire Chief to say he'll tape off the road inside our farm to prevent parking on the crops and baby trees. And we had the ditch top harrowed for a fire break in case the ditches catch fire.

AND we're praying for rain.

Fire #3 is just plane aggravating- the fridge in my last blog. To hold the frozen containers of fabulous Bond made Beans, we borrowed the tiny box freezer from our house renters. It was full of mildew. Maybe our home fridge knew it needed TLC and everything will be ok now. The fridge freezer seems to be working. BUT the runners are icing up so it's hard to open the drawer; a consequence of humidity in our naturally cooled house. The fridge, in middle of the draft, must be collecting water from the air. We'll know more when the refrigerator repairman comes on Thursday. I hope he has lots on his tool belt.

Have I covered all four of the Chaos Elements? Earth (septic system), Fire (they're going to burn the bamboo in a controlled burn, NOT a straw fire on the Fourth ) Air (cold, humid air), and Water (frozen water).

THE GROWTH: we have fabulous soil and sunshine for a garden!!!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Worked a second time!

This morning's chaos: liquid water in the ice tray and melty stuff in our not a year-old, paid off on Monday LG french door with bottom freezer refrigerator (our only new fridge in our 38 years of marriage).
Shuffle worthwhile food into quite full spare fridge, buy ice at Alston's, fetch from Sound Play's factory storage - new styrofoam coolers Bond bought in case he needed to make musical instruments out of them in the last residency he did.
Shuffle all else into coolers.
Plan to eat the 'this'll kill ya if you freeze it again' food today.
Call Sears Repair. Next available appointment NEXT THURSDAY!
I told the operator, "I could probably get a witch doctor in here faster, or try unplugging and plugging it in. It worked to fix the TV..."
He said, "Yeah, like when the computer freezes. It resets itself. Sometimes a power surge will change the settings."
So I did. And it did.
I'm not canceling the appointment, though.
BTW before you connect the TV and the fridge incidents through a Georgia Power surge, the TV was on a turned off power strip.

Fast Answer

"Why ever did they put a flashlight on the fan remote?" Bond asked as I put in batteries after assembling the tower fan.
3 minutes later the TV sound wasn't working. I grabbed the remote to look at connections inconveniently located in back. "That's why." I replied.
And without missing a beat Bond offered to go get the radio if that wasn't bright enough.
Thank god he explained that our GPB donation gift emergency radio has a flashlight.
I didn't need it. Turned the TV off and then on. Voila! sound!