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Saturday, February 15, 2014

I did this.

 When we arrived in S GA in 1978 we couldn't understand why our neighbor said 'I built that!' when we knew it was the three old men (employed by Daddy's great uncle since they were teenagers) who did the work.
Now we know. Whenever I have left workmen to finish a job, even though I think we see eye to eye, they screw it up. If I want to be sure the job is done right I have to observe. (this also means I have to know how to do the work).
For example, the patio on the north side of the house slopes IN to the shelter. We had a little bit of cement leftover from pouring the slab to the east and, after filling old barrel rings to use as stepping stones, there was just enough to fasten cement pavers to channel the water. They put down two pavers. One fellow saw that it sloped beyond those. I agreed we should add two more and went back in the house. Sure enough! We have a row TWO pavers HIGH now (not four long). They didn't even fill in the old foundation from the post that was moved. Sheesh! The water still seeps in over and around the mat to the left.