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      "We've gotta laugh. We swapped immortality for accessories."
      -- meg tilley anderson

Saturday, May 31, 2014

South GA Sat night excitement!

Pieface (the dog) says: how (& maybe why) to kill a copperhead. 1. You and your best dog friends bark at snake outside the fence until the stupid snake comes inside the fence. 2. Bark really loud at the snake then grab it by the tail. 3. Shake snake by the tail and beat it on
the wooden fence and bushes until it comes apart and gets stuck in the bush. 4. Go into your dog run where Meg has a tasty treat to give you for going into your crate. She will shut you in and go see if the snake is dead, and if it is, bury it outside your yard. She will also take a picture of the snake. And keep an eye on you in case snake bit you. But also, she's not going to call the vet. It's Saturday! He deserves a day off!  And you got your poisonous snake vaccination booster last month. 

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