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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Dog Nuisance

Our dog PieFace can climb over a six foot fence to wreck havoc! To keep him away from the fence we put sideways tomato cages along the fence inside Tiger Fountain Garden, our formal herb garden. The electric fence wouldn’t work there because the ornamental shrubs next to the fence would short the wire.  A dummy line is no good; somehow, without even touching it, PieFace can tell if there is electricity in the wire and over he goes!
We’re fed up with taking out and replacing those cages to get to the herbs or through the gate so I’m taking Tiger Fountain territory away from the dogs. Originally cedar panels enclosed the garden. Once the hedges matured we took off the panels inside the yard (they were in bad shape after the dogs took short cuts). We left the wooden posts in place; my shortcut to fencing the dogs out.  I don’t mind trimming those bushes if I have to to put up a hot wire to keep dogs away from the new fence.

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